Mediasite Server Software: catalog and publish

The Mediasite Server software is a software platform that allows the user to catalog and indicate (e. g. for online search) the created Rich media presentations in networks (Internet or corporate networks).

Capture, Manage, Deliver

The user interface for the network access is the Company's or the facility's website, where the presentation catalog of the EX-SOftware can be implemented. Users employees, customers, shareholders, pupils, students, etc.) are now able to navigate within the presentation catalogue and view it. The sophisticated search function allows even a phonetic search for words spoken in the presentation.

During the cataloging process the server software also captures the spoken presentation. So, If a user types in a keyword, the software lists the moments in which this distinct word was spoken. Now the user can easily watch these points of the presentation.

Mediasite EX Server-Software

EX Server-Software

The EX server software allows the publication of presentations recorded and processed by the recorder in the corporate network or the Internet. The software allows cataloging of any number of presentations on the network. The final catalog can then be published on a website. The cataloging also offers a search function in the final catalog, with which the user can browse the entire catalog on the event name, presentations, speakers name and key phrases in the presentation.

Main Features:



  • Live webcasts which are taken directly from the recorder and placed on a web page for retrieval
  • user interaction during a live presentation possible (e. .g ask questions to the speaker)
  • On-demand web access
  • Users are able to navigate within the presentation
  • materials accompanying the presentation can be integrated in the display window as a download link
  • Users only need a web browser to access the presentation catalog and play presentations
  • It is possible to create podcasts (with additional software)

Access Control<:

  • manage access rights of users and registers easily
  • Content can be viewed, but not stored and abused
  • Administrators have access to system management


  • Automatic cataloging and indexing of all presentations
  • Custom Catalog Categories possible
  • Finished HTML catalog templates

Index and Search

  • Automatic indexing of content
  • Integrated online search function on the event name, topic, speaker, keywords
  • Phonetic indexing of spoken words for search function with phonetic keyword
  • indexing of text in images and graphics (e. g. PowerPoint slides) by OCR (text recognition software)


  • Record of all user accesses
  • Evaluation, who did watch what, for how long and when? Export to Excel or XML