Mediasite records presentations as aw whole and reproduces them. It is possible to record presentation (e. g. PowerPoint), the picture and sound of the person presenting as well as other sources that this person is using like for example Visualizers and other Video-sources (like DVD-Players). The presentation which is directly prepared from the recorder can be reproduced on different data carriers (USB-Sticks, CDs, DVDs) immediately after the presentation to make it available for the public or upload the file on the internet. Company or University-networks could also make it accessible using the Ex-Server Software. A user can simply open and watch the interactive presentation on a web browser.

Mediasite offers different stages of expansion depending on the requirements.

Stage 1: Stand-alone with Recorder

An event, seminar, presentation or lecture is saved as a multimedia presentation and reproduced on USB-Sticks, CDs or DVDs to hand it out to the audience. Therefore, a Mediasite-Recorder stand-alone is a perfect solution. The available sources (e.g.. PC, video camera, microphone) are plugged to the recorder which records the complete event and outs it together to a package ready to be watched and copied on different devices like USB-Sticks, CDs or DVDs.

Stand-alone with Recorder

Stage 2: Recorder in combination with Managed Hosting Service (Mediasite Now!)

A ready to go solution that allows the user to easily create webcasts to publish and manage them using the EX server (managed hosting service). The webcast can be played with every standard web browser. The Package includes cataloging and indexing of the published webcasts as well as a comfortable web search. The user neither requires his/her own streaming-server, nor a wide infrastructure. The whole Server-environment is set up and provided by Sonic Foundry. The user always has full access to the EX server instance through secure remote access.

Mediasite Now

Stage 3: Recorder with Server-Software (complete solution)

The complete solution includes the Mediasite Recorder and the EX server software that is installed and hosted on a dedicated streaming server. Thus, the user is independent and can manage the server him/herself. The server software can be integrated comfortably into any server environment in companies or universities thanks to Active Directory, LDAP and web services API.

Complete solution