Cat. No. 28T2I
Manufacturer: RTI (more about this Manufacturer)
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Remote Touch Control with battery and docking station. Communication by Infrared and/or Zigbee. Assignable Color Touch Display and programmable hard buttons. Control Range Infrared max. 9 m, Control Range RF max. 30 m. 2,8" LCD Touchdisplay, 2-way Zigbee communication allows for feedback visualization on the remote.
Thinner, more ergonomic design.

Not available functions compared to the T2x:

- WiFi - Allows cover art, MJPEG viewing, weather images, wireless program updates
- Touchscreen swiping for changing frames or scrolling lists
- More sophisticated graphics capabilities: allows overlapping graphics and stacked buttons, multiple fonts available, two-way sliders supported
- Grip sensors
- Custom sounds
- More memory for storing user programs