Huddly IQ - Kit fr Jamboard

Huddly IQ - Kit fr Jamboard
Cat. No. 12-7090043790030
Manufacturer: Huddly (more about this Manufacturer)
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The award-winning Huddly IQ ensures that everyone is seen and heard in a variety of meeting rooms. The 150° wide-angle lens and studio-quality embedded microphone array provide an impressive video conferencing experience.

IQ is USB-powered and compatible with any UCC platform, making it ideal for small groups, medium-sized meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces.

At Huddly we believe that intelligent video means better meetings. An embedded neural engine enables IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time. The "Genius Framing" feature allows it to recognize and respond to the people in its field of vision by automatically framing them.

Thanks to IQ's embedded machine learning platform, they are trained to learn more about meeting rooms and what is happening in them. Regular software updates mean that IQ's features will continue to improve over time, performance enhancements and the new "Genius" features for automated user experiences.

IQ also provides organizations with important insights into the use of their meeting rooms. High quality analytical data is accessible via the Huddly InSights API. This advanced data enables organizations to make better decisions on how to use their assets, improve the ROI of office real estate and equipment, and make their teams more productive.

Today, IQ can identify and count people in the room in real time, with all processing occurring on the camera itself, not via a connected PC or in the cloud. You can access this analysis data with our SDK and then securely share it with management dashboards.

As with IQ's "Genius Framing", where the camera no longer needs to be manually controlled, the Huddly InSights API can learn more about the events taking place in the meeting area over time and provide richer analytics data.

Technical Specifications

- Full HD 1080p video quality
- Ultra wide angle field of view of 150
- High-precision aspherical glass lens with six elements
- Advanced video processing engine
- 3x lossless digital zoom, pan and tilt
- Genius Framing (digital "auto zoom")
- People counting analysis
- Machine learning and object recognition
- Automatic image rotation by 180
- Silent operation without moving parts
- Real-time scaling, dewarping and perspective correction
- Dynamic light optimization, automatic white balance and flicker suppression
- 3D noise reduction with bias-compensating spatio-temporal noise filtering
- Chroma filtering for large areas
- Built-in beamforming microphone array (optimal audio recording up to 6 meters)
- SuperSpeed USB 3.1 / USB-C connectivity
- Plug & Play compatible with common computer operating systems
- supplied with power via USB
- Software upgradeable
- Aluminium unibody construction
- Embedded Display Mount
- Tripod mounting compatible