Driver SIM2 C3X Lumis

Driver SIM2 C3X Lumis
Cat. No. 942070
Manufacturer: Sonstige (more about this Manufacturer)
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This driver provides 2-way communication to the
SIM2 C3X Lumis series projectors delivered by SIM 2, Italy
Grand Cinema C3X Lumis series projectors are high end devices for residential and commercial use. The projectors are featured with a 3-chip full HD panel with Darkchip4 DMD. For more information visit website
The driver supports fully range of RS232 command set version 1.1 from 18th September 2009 in combination with the legacy IR-Control. To update two-way feedback a complex polling mechanism is used. The parameters are enhanced with special functions like service interval events and others. See parameters below
Driver operates in trial mode as long as the right license number is not typed in.
Trial Mode enables only one-way sending command without feedback and events.
However, integrators can create the whole project, even if driver is running in trial mode.
Driver is licensed per controller.
To control multiple devices use different instances of this driver with different projectors.
Please avoid enabling multiports using a Globalcache device. Multiple polling results
in disfunction or faulty feedback.
Driver SIM2 C3X Lumis