RTI Driver Pioneer BluRay Uni

RTI Driver Pioneer BluRay Uni
Cat. No. 942060
Manufacturer: Sonstige (more about this Manufacturer)
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2way driver for Pioneer BluRay players of actual generation.
Supported models: [RS232/IP] LX-55, 53FD, 52FD, LX-54(limited) [IP] BDP-140, BDP-440, BDP-430(limited), BDP-330(limited)
Driver is tested with the models LX-55 and LX-54.
ESC-2 is tested and approved too.
Please read section known issues of Instruction.pdf or -Get Info- before you use the driver.
Driver runs in trial mode for 2 hours if it is not licensed.
Regular use needs a license delivered by vivateq. http://www.vivateq.de
Please contact info@vivateq.de or +49 7161 50447 0 for further handling.
RTI Driver Pioneer BluRay Uni