Cat. No. 65242103
Manufacturer: Dexon (more about this Manufacturer)
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Fiber Optic Receiver DVI/HDMI
Input: 1 x SC Fiber (OM3, OM4)
Output: DVI-D (HDMI 1.4 compatible), Ethernet, USB 1.1, IR
Resolution: up to 1920x1200@60p / 3840x2160@30p
Distance: up 1600m
HDCP compliant

DEXON Systems offer high quality optical sender and receiver for HDMI, Ethernet, USB and IR signal transmission over long distances. The product provides full HDCP compliant signal transmission and EDID management over a single cable, offering simple cabling and clear installation. The devices can cover up to 1600m distance ensuring crystal clear video picture thanks to the full digital path between the sender and receiver equipment. Small box size, LED indicators and energy efficient operation support successful AV project installations.

- Transmits HDCP compliant DVI/HDMI signals over a single optical fiber to 1600m distance
- Ensures perfect EDID signal path
- Supports high resolution transmission up to 1920x1200@60 or 3840x2160@30Hz pixel resolution
- Transmits 10/100 Ethernet, USB 1.1 and IR signals
- Results perfect, crystal clear video picture quality by digital data path