Cat. No. 75-CM-AUD-2IN-4OUT
Manufacturer: tvONE (more about this Manufacturer)
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CORIOmaster Audio I/O modul
Input: 1 x Analog, 1 x S/PDIF
Output: 1 x Analog, 4 x S/PDIF
Audio Embedding/De-embedding
Only for C3-510 (Slot 4) and C3-540 (Slot 18)

The CM-AUD-2IN-4OUT is an audio Input and Output (I/O) module for CORIOmaster (C3-540) and CORIOmaster mini (C3-510).
As part of the audio enabling feature released in firmware versions M406 or later, CORIOmaster has advanced audio support enabling video and audio to be controlled from a single CORIOmaster facilitating many new applications where video and audio are used as part of the installation.
This module can be used to accept discrete analog and digital inputs and embed them into all audio supported video outputs (HDMI/SDI/HDBT/DVI-I) or routed to the discrete analog or digital outputs in the module. Video sources with embedded audio such as SDI/HDMI/ AVIP module can also have the audio routed to analog and digital S/PDIF output (1 output per canvas).