Cat. No. 75-1RK4RUPSU2HSWP
Manufacturer: tvONE (more about this Manufacturer)
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ONErack 4RU Dual Redundant Power Supply
Main Output Power: 450 Watt
Hot Swappable
Include: 1 x Dual Power supply, 2 x daisy-chain cable, 6 x guide rails, 4 x screws, 1 x service cable

ONErack is now ready for mission critical applications with this powerful, Dual-Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supply.

Key Features
- 450w of Main Output Power
- Hot swappable
- Dual redundant
- Load sharing
- DC power conditioning
- AC surge protection
- DC surge protection
- LED Load Indicators
- LED Fault Indicators
- Fault Relay
- Resettable fuses
- Provide 2 different voltages to each slot at the same time
- Each slot has 7 different voltage settings
- Fast, easy installation of small devices
- Simple, time saving serviceability