100" SNS Blade - LG / 08-85

100" SNS Blade - LG / 08-85
Cat. No. 34-5-100-100-145
Manufacturer: DNP (more about this Manufacturer)
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Supernova Blade 100", 16 :9; LG / 08-85
IM = 221,4 cm x 124,5 cm
(measures width x height)

The dnp Supernova Blade is an elegant, frameless front projection screen that is ideal for use in meeting rooms, retail stores and residential applications. Only 3mm thick and available in sizes 100”, 110” and 120” in 16: 9, it meets modern customers’ demand for flatter, wider screens which maximise image size while reducing the space requirement of the overall installation. The screen’s clean look and slim-line format suit modern architecture and interiors perfectly. At the same time, the dnp Supernova Blade performs superbly, providing a great viewing experience, even in brightly lit environments.

Frameless, space-saving design
Minimal screen thickness - only 3 mm
Available in sizes 100”, 110” and 120” in 16:9 format
Easy to install on wall or ceiling
Performs in brightly lit environments
Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens
ISF-certified screen material
Compatible with all standard projectors
Aspect Ratio 16:9
100" SNS Blade - LG / 08-85