Joan by Visionect unveils the next generation product line and business services tailored to users’ needs


Joan by Visionect unveils the next generation product line and business services tailored to users’ needs

Joan, the simplest meeting room booking solution, designed and developed by Visionect, has just launched a next-generation product line - Joan 6 and Joan 13 - and a new SaaS business model with three subscription plans. They enable users to perfectly align their desired level of office experience with their new Joan devices. Also for the first time in Visionect's history, a Bring your own device (BYOD) concept is enabled. Thus Premium plan users are able to deploy Joan's forward-thinking software with large format LCD/LED screens, tablets and PCs already present in their companies. With this business strategy, Joan is consolidating its position as a World leading solution for meetings management in the modern workplace. Joan enables people to meet better and thus make them save time-and-space resources.

The new Joan 6 and Joan 13 devices come with a sleek design, easy setup and flexible software subscription plans. The Basic plan enables plain but fair Joan functionalities like booking and scheduling. The Standard plan brings a notable level of office experience as it enables greater customization and booking control. The Premium plan delivers a holistic room booking management experience and enables customers to reach the highest ROI on their office and meetings equipment. All Joan devices also come with one free month of Joan’s Premium subscription plan. This enables users to test the Joan experience to the fullest and then decide what works best for them.

“Today people are having more and more meetings. Office space has become the second-biggest expense for companies. And when these are badly managed their effects are reflected in poor office employee satisfaction, lack of productivity and mostly in waste of time, money and resources. A company with 100 employees is losing $300,000 each year due to meeting room searching.” says Lex de Grijs, Joan Director for Western Europe.

New devices and subscription plans are an excellent opportunity for companies that want to maximize their ROI in conference room audio-video equipment. Joan does not only pay for itself but also adopts company culture from day one. “We do not only want to offer a simple solution for meeting scheduling, but we also want to provide a resource for businesses to better educate themselves about the importance of efficient meetings. We want to help them meet better,” explains de Grijs. With Joan’s frictionless integration and fast adoption rates are assured.

Joan is closing the first half of the business year with results that go beyond every expectation. Rok Zalar, Visonect’s co-founder and new CEO, is confirming that because of their expertise of markets, functionalities and local proximity, distributors and resellers play an important role in that. “That’s why at Visionect they have decided to offer recurring revenue for every Joan device and every Joan subscription sold to its selling partners. We want to nurture the good relationship we have with distributors as they represent an important selling channel to corporate clients. COMM-TEC, as one of our biggest partners in the Dach region, is definitely one of them.” Rok Zalar adds.



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