Evoko LISO software update – great new features!


Evoko LISO software update – great new features!

Since the late summer of 2016, the success story of the room booking system Evoko LISO steadily continues. 

As of now, the Evoko software package 2.0 is available for download free of charge for all users. The software release 2.0 provides great new features and at the same time an even better overview on your door sign. Welcome to the age of modern room booking - welcome to Evoko LISO!

Modern conference technology, which one must have experienced!

All information and your attractive dealer package can be obtained from us!

The room booking revolution continues!

The new features induced by the LISO Software Update v2.0

  • Third colour: In addition to red and green as status colours for already occupied or vacant rooms, LISO now provides a third LED colour encircling the frame with "Amber". 10 minutes before a registered meeting in a free space would start, LISO shines in a subtle orange - more transparency at a glance.
  • Clear overview: A completely redesigned interface, the reduced selection of displayed information and clear buttons now allow any booking, cancellation or extension of meetings or your "check-in" in the room with a simple push of a button.
  • Frequently asked feature: Due to the additional “Room Overview”, Evoko Home 2.0. provides an easy-to -configure- overview of all rooms in the company; a flexible and design-oriented technology for each foyer!


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