High-quality digiTHIN LED video walls from digiLED added to COMM-TEC catalog


High-quality digiTHIN LED video walls from digiLED added to COMM-TEC catalog

On September 1, 2018, COMM-TEC's distribution partners gained new access to the innovative product line from European LED manufacturer digiLED. COMM-TEC will be the exclusive DACH-region source for the ground-breaking digiTHIN series from digiLED, considered to be the "Next Generation" of LED screens. The products, acclaimed for their amazingly thin housing and powerful luminosity, premiered at the ISE 2018. They promise easy installation and effective presentation performance in a wide range of settings and applications.

LED technology is known for being mature and reliable. The field of LED screens is a growing one, and already serves a wide range of projects covering all conceivable customer needs and settings. The panels can be installed as video walls of varying formats of almost any size, yet leave behind almost no visible gaps or bars between the individual units. The technology is eye catching, due to strong luminosity, outstanding contrast and guaranteed brilliant image reproduction.

The innovative product line from English manufacturer digiLED is now available directly in Germany for the first time. A highlight of the LED screens portfolio: the extremely thin digiTHIN LED video wall. Measuring only 52 millimeters in depth, these video walls are very flexible and suitable for a wide range of settings. Each panel measures 500 x 281.25 mm, representing a true aspect ratio of 16:9. Larger video walls become much easier and more intuitive to plan.

Installation is fantastically easy – the units can be mounted simply and directly onto solid walls or drywall surfaces. A built-in Z-axis adjustment mechanism ensures that the wall can be aligned precisely. Each unit features a cast aluminum design that is lightweight and yet highly stable. Neighboring modules join perfectly, without gaps or bars in the middle of the images or motifs.

digiTHIN technology is thus optimally equipped to handle a broad range of tasks in an even wider array of integration projects. Vendors can tailor the product to fit their customers' exact needs. From conference rooms to lobbies, the equipment can be deployed when space is tight, and as large-surface video walls in difficult lighting environments where strong luminosity is critical.

The new digiTHIN solutions from digiLED will be available for a closer look on September 26 at the S14 Solutions Day, COMM-TEC's in-house fair. A demo installation will be erected to demonstrate its real-life effectiveness. COMM-TEC specialists will also naturally be on hand to answer any questions about the technology and ordering of units.

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