COMM-TEC starts distributing revolutionary LCD video walls as of now


COMM-TEC starts distributing revolutionary LCD video walls as of now

Highest color uniformity. Faster installation. Easier servicing. To name but three of the major brownie points of the newly adopted Barco item in the COMM-TEC portfolio. The UniSee system unites optimal visualization with unrivalled ease of servicing for video walls.

To achieve this, Barco intensively surveyed the market, and in this way learned not only about end customer wishes, but, more importantly, integrated ideas from installers into the new system. This approach makes the product another highlight in the COMM-TEC portfolio. Business Development Director, Carsten Steinecker, states: "Besides "best in class” performance characteristics, UniSee also offers the lowest possible installation and maintenance effort to our trade partners. The end user profits from minimal intra-tile bezels and experiences unmatched brightness and color uniformity, both automatically controlled. UniSee fits all around!"

One system, three components
Each UniSee video wall is made up of three components: 1. The LCD display (UniSee View), 2. The mount (UniSee Mount), 3. The control system (UniSee Connect).
Its decisive advantage over conventional video walls is: each item comes with its display, mounts and cable management, so that AV traders need not concern themselves with individual components in order to configure a complete functioning system. A fact which considerably minimizes effort and saves time.

UniSee View
Thanks to its NoGap technology, Barco UniSee allows the distribution of content over multiple video wall tiles, with almost imperceptible gaps between the monitors. While traditional video walls must be designated as low-bezel, UniSee now presents customers a practically bezel-free solution, which creates the impression of an uninterrupted large screen monitor.

What further emphasizes this effect is its absolutely uniform color experience over the entire video wall. Sense X, Barco’s new, continuous real-time color and brightness calibration system, ensures that color and brightness are permanently measured and adjusted in real time, so that the all connected LCD displays produce a homogenous image, and this over the full lifetime of the video wall. With a brightness of 800 NIT, the video wall is thus perfectly suited for daylight conditions.

UniSee Mount
In order to ensure the smallest possible gaps without damaging the edges of the panels, Barco has developed the UniSee Mount: a revolutionary mounting structure that uses the power of gravity. The screens align automatically in the perfect position along all three axes. This facilitates installation and is easy on the sensitive edges of the monitors. With the help of a simple socket wrench for shifting neighboring displays, all screens can be easily removed from the front.

UniSee Connect
UniSee Connect acts as a controller that manages the entire video wall, and automatically assigns and calibrates the displays. The platform offers a single point of connection for remote diagnostics and control, thus enabling the even faster diagnosis and servicing of a Barco UniSee video wall.

Secure operation and secure future
By equipping your UniSee video wall with the optional redundant power supply, you will enjoy double operational security. Additional protection is provided with the care service contract at different levels. Ideally, the end customer should have access to a 24/7 helpdesk and a comfortable and fast hardware replacement service close by.

Once a UniSee video is in operation, it can be adjusted at any time to altered requirements, and be easily supplemented with further modules. Gerrit Vermeire, Barcos Director of Product Management – Operator Experience, emphasizes the secure future of this concept: "The modular setup with power supplies, input board, and software platform enables not only faster installation, servicing, and diagnosis, but also ensure that the system can be accordingly upgraded to keep up with technological progress.”

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