COMM-TEC industry event attracted AV stakeholders to Uhingen


COMM-TEC industry event attracted AV stakeholders to Uhingen

About 280 stakeholders from the professional AV industry celebrated COMM-TEC’s thirty-year corporate anniversary at the distributor’s headquarters. They were able to test a wide range of current AV and IT technologies from over 40 manufacturers live at the event. But that wasn’t all: innovative technologies were presented in approximately 30 workshops, where their practical use was discussed. The main topics of the event included the fields “complete digital signage solutions,” “smart holders and lift systems,” and “collaboration in companies.”

This was the ninth year of the AV industry event, and once again participants said their reason for regularly making the pilgrimage to Uhingen was the opportunity to enjoy in-depth personal discussions. They simply have more time than they would at the big fairs to discuss experiences with the manufacturers’ representatives or learn about the over 70 tips from COMM-TEC for their own work.

What really stood out was the variety of digital signage solutions for retail purposes. Here, the trend is towards displays featuring a wide array of formats and mounting possibilities, from the slim steel-wire holder to semi-transparent displays serving as refrigerator doors and even super-thin vertical displays that are completely integrated into store shelves.

Solutions like these, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of end customers, are creating new sources of turnover for the AV industry and made for a good atmosphere at the in-house fair. Thus, it’s no surprise that Chief Executive Officer Rainer Sprinzl is pleased with the current situation: “The Pro AV industry continues to experience strong growth. Merging with other industries is opening completely new business possibilities. We are converging not only with IT but also with the furniture industry and interior shop design. Our task in this process is to recognize the right trends and provide our customers with solutions they can use to expand their businesses.”

The product palette and trend topics at S14 Solutions Day clearly demonstrated that COMM-TEC does not consider itself only a dealer. In addition to its role as an industry scout, the value-added distributor positions itself as a partner that personally provides its customers with help and assistance using its large corps of experts who specialize in a wide range of products and technologies.

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