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Founded in 2009 on what seemed to be a simple need - RGBlink has grown rapidly to become the leading manufacturer in Asia of specialised video processing equipment, providing a range of hardware based solutions that continues to revolutionise and democratise video for displays everywhere and anywhere, releasing displays from conventions of format and presentation.


Scaler & Switcher

The Scaler & Switcher from RGBlink have been specially developed for live applications and convince with their flexibility and modularity.
All Scaler & Switcher offer excellent image processing and all standard functions such as PiP, DSK and Rotate/Flip.

And the highlight: USB sticks with video content that automatically play one or more clips or still images can be plugged into the existing USB ports. No need for a separate PC/video player to realize the classic end customer inquiry 5 minutes before the start of the event.


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Modern presentations demand 4K at refresh rates supporting digital media. D6 builds on the tradition of its broadcast quality predecessors and RGBlink innovations while adding new and enhanced features. RGBlink modular slots are utilised throughout for the ultimate in flexibility and configurability, with each slot supporting 4K 60fps and signal options including HDMI, DisplayPort and 12G-SDI as well as conventional 2K signal options


VSP628pro is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input signal format to any output signal format.

The processor support a wide range of input signals including composite, component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and 3G-SDI. Loop-through outputs are provided for the DVI and SDI input. An input option slot is plrovided for user-fit modules, further expanding signal options to include USB2.0 media and 4K input in additional to the existing signal types.

X1pro e

Essential 4K Video Scaling and Splicing, X1profeatures four 2K DVI outputs providing a full 4K split from 4K inputs.

X1pro e offers mulitple operation modes to extend usage application beyond 4K split to splicing applicaitons inlcuding 8Kx1K, 2Kx4K and more.

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Universal Processors

The universal image processor product line includes the X2, X3, X7 and X14 series, designed for both installation and live applications.

All systems have a modular design and offer a variety of different input and output cards; with the X2, for example, configurations up to 16x16 are possible.
The number of possible inputs/outputs increases to 16x8 for the X3, 32x32 for the X7 and 52x40 for the X14.
The maximum number of layers can be up to 128, so even the most complex configurations can be mapped.

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The M1/M2/M3 series all-in-one mixers are ideal for small events; despite their compact dimensions and affordable price, they are full-featured scalers/switchers with excellent image processing.

Like all RGBlink devices, these devices also support USB sticks with video or image material for direct playback.

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M1 makes video scaling and mixing more accessible and intuitive than ever before. Building on RGBlink technologies and innovations for a unique - almost "hand-held" - fully integrated All-in-One video processor, M1 redefines what a modern video processor can be with a host of on board features.


Ideal for meeting and conference spaces or applications, M2 (CP3072pro) provides not just live hands on controls for for live video presentation, but also full output scaling capabilites essential for modern display applications.


M3 brings together sophisticated presentation switching with advanced mixing capabilities into a single device. The vision mixer console includes broadcast style features for quick access during any performance, along with dual eight-inch LCD displays to monitor video sources, full preview, as well as live/program display monitoring. At the rear of the M3, the modular routing structure offers a host of new options and features tailored to presentation applications.

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Scaled Matrix

The scaled matrix Flex 8M and Flex 16M can switch 8 or 16 inputs and 8 or 16 outputs as required, whereby each individual input/output port can be equipped individually (DVI-I, HDMI, HDBase-T, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0 and additionally DisplayPort 1.1 at the output); of course all incoming signals are scaled and switched without picture dropouts. 

Switching can be done either on the front panel, via RS-232 or via the XPOSE software from RGBlink; an API for integration into control systems is also available.
Instead, the -RS variants of the products allow signals to be distributed over up to 16 sinks; depending on the number of connected displays, it is also possible to use several layers.

Flex RS1

FLEX RS1 adds new levels of flexibility to hardware based video solutions for creative displays.RS1 provides multiple operation modes enabling advanced rotation, blending and splicing of up to four output displays from a choice of 4K inputs.

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Control Consoles

The T-ONE control console is a powerful controller for fast and reliable operation of the X-Series devices in large events.
With a built-in 14" touch screen display, all configurations and presets can be stored and quickly recalled; illuminated keys with OLED lettering additionally facilitate operation.
If the connected processor has an H-264 option built in, this content can also be displayed on the T-ONE.
The built-in joystick allows a fast and still pixel accurate positioning of elements or adjustment of image sizes.

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16 Megapixel Big Screen

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Large Stage Event

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