Rack Storage

Heavy-Duty D and DC Series Drawers

Fully enclosed top with inside dimensions measuring 403 mm wide by 368 mm deep, the D Series drawers feature spring-loaded latches and rugged, straight-forward construction. Faceplates come with textured black powder coat, silver brushed and anodized finish or black brushed and anodized finish. Installed keylock option available for black anodized and texture models, just suffix the desired part number with the letters “LK” when ordering.

Silver Anodized Art. # black Anodized Art. # height
DC2 D2 90 mm (2 RU)
DC3 D3 135 mm (3 RU)
DC4 D4 180 mm (4 RU)
D und DC Serie

UD Series Drawers

The UD Series drawers offer an economical rack storage solution. Full extension ball bearing slides smoothly extend a full 355 mm to reveal inside dimensions measuring 405 mm wide by 370 mm deep. Each model comes with a face mounted drawer pull, and a user-installed latch and keylock are optionally available. Black powder coat finish.

Art. # Height
UD2 90 mm (2 RU)
UD3 135 mm (3 RU)
UD4 180 mm (4 RU)
UD Serie

Keylocks and Latch

Art. #
LATCH user installed UD latch
KYLK user installed UD keylock
ACC-KEY 2 additional set of keys for KYLK
Schlösser und Riegel

Front-Loading Media Holders

Store DATs, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassettes, laser discs and other recorded media in our rackmount media holders. Partitioned to prevent the contents from tipping, each model features a 16-gauge flanged aluminum face and has a black brushed and anodized or silver brushed and anodized finish. Select models are available with a textured black powder coat finish. All stored media protrudes 9 mm to allow quick retrieval.

Silver Anodized
Art. #
black Anodized
t Art. #
fits Height
CCD CD 40 CDs 180 mm
(4 RU)
145 mm
CCD-1 CD-1 6 CDs 45 mm
(1 RU)
140 mm
CDVD DVD 28 DVDs 225 mm
(5 RU)
140 mm

Trim Strips

As a final aesthetic complement to any installation, add our finishing trim strips. A quick, clean and effective method of covering rack screws once the job is complete, each channel-shaped trim strip measures 45U (2 m long), and features internal grooves that fit into the supplied snap washers. Offered in black brushed and anodized or silver brushed and anodized finish, trim strips are cut easily to size with a hacksaw. Included decorative caps trim the ends, if required. Sold in individual strips.

Art. # finish
TA black brushed and anodized
TC ssilver brushed and anodized
TS sblack textured powder coated


Adjustable Heavy-Duty Rackshelf

With a range of front to rear mounting adjustment from 495 mm to 710 mm deep, the versatile AS3-22 shelf rackmounts most video decks and tower CPUs. Built expressly for heavy equipment, ships knock-down for freight and space economy, this 133 mm (3U) adjustable shelf supports 230 kg. Note: Fits in racks with a minimum 570 mm useable depth.

Art. # Shelf Area weight capacity
AS3-22 440 mm (W) x 565 mm (D) 230 kg
Einstellbarer Schwerlast-Geräteträger

Heavy-Duty Sliding Shelf

22 kg weight capacity and heavy-duty 1.5 mm thick steel construction are two of the defining features which make the model SS sliding shelf both functional and rugged. Capable of latching in an open or closed position, the shelf slides on ball bearings and extends a full 355 mm. A telescopic rear support mounts the shelf to any rack (rear rackrail required in steel racks). Occupies slightly more than a single rackspace. Note: Fits in racks with a minimum 385 mm useable depth.
Please note that it is for racks with a usable depth of at least  385 mm.

Art. # Shelf Area weight capacity
SS 445 mm (W) x 375 mm (D) 22 kg
Ausziehbarer Schwerlast-Geräteträger

Low Profile Sliding Shelf

Filling just a single rackspace, our low profile SSL sliding shelf extends 255 mm on nylon roller slides equipped with positive-stop lockouts. A telescopic rear support mounts to any rack (rear rackrail required in steel racks). The shelf itself is made with an attractive black laminate material. 15 kg weight capacity.
Please note: Fits in racks with a minimum 375 mm useable depth.

Art. # Shelf Area weight capacity
SSL 425 mm (W) x 355 mm (D) 15 kg
Ausziehbarer, flacher Geräteträger

Universal Rackshelves

These easy-to-install shelves fit all components up to 440 mm wide to quickly meet all of your rackmounting needs. Made from 1.5 mm thick steel and finished in a durable black powder coat. Each unit is individually boxed.

Art. # Height Depth weight capacity
U1 45 mm (1 RU) 280 mm 15 kg
U2 90 mm (2 RU) 375 mm 20 kg
U3 135 mm (3 RU) 375 mm 30 kg
U4 180 mm (4 RU) 395 mm 40 kg

Clamping Rackshelves

For components which require captivation, RC Series clamping rackshelves offer an economical and highly functional solution. Equipped with rubber-lined clamps which secure your component from the top, all RC Series products ship assembled and are additionally outfitted with adjustable “L” brackets in back to provide an optimally secure fit. Vented bottoms offer superior cooling, while a robust 1.5 mm thick steel design maintains structural integrity in mobile applications. Finished in a durable black powder coat.

Art. # Height Depth clamp height range weight capacity
RC-2 90 mm (2 RU) 395 mm 25 mm - 70 mm 50 kg
RC-3 135 mm (3 RU) 395 mm 70 mm - 115 mm 50 kg
RC-4 180 mm (4 RU) 395 mm 115 mm - 160 mm 50 kg
Geräteträger mit Befestigungsbügel

SH Series Zero Space Rackshelves

Designed expressly for use in Slim 5, AXS and SRSR equipment racks, SH Series zero space rackshelves feature full-depth front and rear rackmounting, providing a secure shelf for non-rackmount components. A truly unique design, this “zero-space” shelf actually mounts to the sides of the rackrail (not the threaded face) providing more useable shelf area and features a robust 115 kg weight capacity. Two handy “L” brackets are included to help position equipment. Constructed from 1.5 mm thick steel, include mounting hardware, and is finished in a durable black powder coat.

Art. # Depth weight capacity fits
SH-5A 488 mm 115 kg 510 mm deep AXS and Slim 5 Racks
SH-5A-26 660 mm 115 kg 660 mm deep AXS and Slim 5 Racks
SH-SRSR 405 mm 115 kg all SRSR Series
SH Serie „Null”-HE

Vented 3 Space Rackshelf

450 mm deep by 135 mm high, this vented rackshelf has a 30 kg weight capacity and a rear flange slotted for horizontal cable management. Constructed from 1.5 mm thick steel and finished in a black powder coat.

Art. # Height Depth weight capacity
U317 135 mm (3 RU) 450 mm 30 kg
Belüfteter 3 HE

Wide Unit Shelf System

Accommodating components too wide to fit the 440 mm inside width of standard rackshelves, these shelf systems fit units up to 570 mm wide, and either bolt into millwork or to the mounting angle of standard rackrail. Measuring 135 mm high, this shelf saves room by requiring no rackspaces. The WUSS system comes complete with a pair of ears, a bottom, and appropriate assembly hardware.

Art. # Depth Weight Capacity
WUSS11.5 290 mm 22 kg
WUSS14* 355 mm 22 kg
WUSS15.5 395 mm 22 kg
WUSS17.5 445 mm 22 kg
WUSS20.5 520 mm 22 kg

*Available in 355 mm depth - fits DWR Series and other shallow racks!

Extra breiter Geräteträger

Fixed Writing/Computer Keyboard Shelf

The FWS fixed single bay writing/computer keyboard shelf bolts quickly to any 480 mm rack to create an ideal workspace. With an attractive, black laminate top made from 20 mm furniture-grade MDF board, it occupies 2U and comes complete with special rail-mounting hardware.

Art. # Depth Weight Capacity
FWS 460 mm 45 kg


Blank Panels

EB Series:

Available in a choice of flanged or flat style, these economical steel blank panels feature a durable black powder coat finish. EB Series panels are 1.5 mm thick.

SB Series:

A textured black powder coat finish is used throughout our SB Series. Flanged for strength, each model is made from 1.5 mm thick.

BL Series:

1,5 mm thick aluminum construction combine in this easy-to-machine series of blank panels. Black brushed and anodized finish.

HBL Series:

Eye-pleasing aesthetics and flat, 3 mm thick aluminum construction combine in this easy-to-machine series of blank panels. Black brushed and anodized finish.

Art. # Art. # Art. # Art. # Height
EB1 SB1 BL1 HBL1 45 mm (1 RU)
EB2 SB2 BL2 HBL2 90 mm (2 RU)
EB3 SB3 BL3 HBL3 135 mm (3 RU)
EB4 SB4 BL4 HBL4 180 mm (4 RU)
EB5 SB5     220 mm (5 RU)
EB6 SB6     270 mm (6 RU)

Vent Panels

VT Vent Panels

With the highest percentage of open area found on any of our vent panels (63%), all VT Series products are made from 1.5 mm thick perforated steel, and are flanged for extra strength. Black powder coat finish.


VTF Vent Panels

The tight perforated pattern found in the VTF Series of vent panels limits viewing for aesthetics. Flanged, made from 1.5 mm thick steel, with a 22% open area. Black powder coat finish.

VTF belüftete Frontplatte

VTP Vent Panels

Highly aesthetic with an attractive horizontal slotted design, the VTP Series is flanged, made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum and has a 20% open area. Black brushed & anodized finish.

VTP belüftete Frontplatte

Hinged Plexiglass Security Covers

Incorporating a steel frame and a keylocked 5 mm smoked-gray plexiglass door, our SECL Series locking security covers are offered in 2, 3, 4, and 8U sizes. Each unit’s depth of 38 mm easily clears controls on most equipment.

Art. # Art. # Art. # Art. # Height
VT1 VTF1 VTP-1   45 mm (1 RU)
VT2 VTF2 VTP-2 SECL-2 90 mm (2 RU)
VT3 VTF3 VTP-3 SECL-3 135 mm (3 RU)
VT4 VTF4 VTP-4 SECL-4 180 mm (4 RU)
      SECL-8 356 mm (8 RU)

Hardware and Rack Accessories

"HP" Truss-Head Hardware

Our HP Series screws are 20 mm long with 10-32 threads and feature an attractive Phillips truss-head for a clean, modern appearance. All screws have a self-guiding pilot point, include factory-installed nylon washers for convenience and are heat-treated for strength and to resist head stripping. Quantity lots of 500 come in a reusable plastic storage jar. Finished in black oxide or silver.


"HSK" Guardian Series™ Square Post Hardware and Bit

Available only from Middle Atlantic Products. Our highest security screws are patent pending and feature a unique square post drive not found in hardware stores or catalogs. 10-32 by 19 mm, comes complete with black nylon washers in lots of 100. Black oxide finish.


"SW" Shoulder Washers

When used in conjunction with the pre-installed washers supplied on all our screws, these black nylon shoulder washers will electrically isolate the equipment from the rackrails to help prevent ground loops. 100 piece count.


Shim Tabs

All faceplates can be flush with these handy 1 mm thick shim tabs, they can be stacked to achieve desired thickness. Attaches with customer supplied double-stick tape.


"RRF" Rackrail

Measuring 3 mm thick, the all-steel RRF rackrail is threaded for 10-32 screws. With full hole spacing, they are sold in pairs and designed for use with 485 mm wide rough openings. Durable black e-coat finish.

Art. # Lenght =
RRF2 90 mm 2 RU
RRF4 180 mm 4 RU
RRF6 270 mm 6 RU
RRF8 355 mm 8 RU
RRF10 445 mm 10 RU
RRF12 535 mm 12 RU
RRF14 620 mm 14 RU
RRF16 710 mm 16 RU
RRF18 800 mm 18 RU
RRF21 935 mm 21 RU
RRF27 1.200 mm 27 RU
RRF45 2.000 mm 45 RU