SRSR Series

Rotating Sliding Rail System

Specify an SRSR for easy rear access to equipment connections in millwork, cabinets and flush in-wall. Available with a 480 mm or 585 mm useable depth, the SRSR system extends and rotates 90º in either direction, making it ideal for smaller custom joinery and in-wall installations.

  • Removable rack frame allows in-shop integration and on-site installation of equipment,
    saving time in the field
  • Up to a 135 kg weight capacity, depending on model,
  • Sizes range from 12 to 30U.
  • NEW locks in the extended position for simplified equipment integration
  • Rear cable support, when used in conjunction with rear rackrail, provides effective cable
  • Standard front and rear 3 mm thick, 10-32 threaded rackrail with marked rackspace
    increments to speed equipment mounting
  • Rotating equipment bay locks in place at 0°, 60° and 90° for easy installation and servicing
  • Self-centering mounting base makes it simple to align system within cabinet opening

Rotating Sliding Rail System

Art. # Usable depth description weight
SRSR-2-xx „xx“ replace„xx“ with # of usable spaces
(12 – 24 RU)
480 mm 2 slides,
up to 55 kg
weight capacity
33 kg
SRSR-4-xx replace„xx“ with # of usable spaces
(12 – 30 RU)
480 mm 4 slides,
up to 110 kg
weight capacity
37 kg
SRSR-X-xx replace„xx“ with # of usable spaces
(12 – 30 RU)
580 mm 4 slides,
up to 90 kg
weight capacity
30 kg



  Art. #
SH-SRSR SH-SRSR zero space full depth front and rear mount SH Series rackshelf
SRSR-CATRIM SRSR-CATRIM silver anodized locking trim panel
AXS-GG20 AXS-GG20 Attach these guides to upper rack sides on the AXS to ensure the smooth sliding of the rack frame into the millwork, wall or cabinet opening. Ensures frame will remain centered in opening, protecting millwork from damage. Requires a slightly larger rough opening for AXS System, see above. Includes BG17 brush gasket strip for front rackrail to fill any gap in wall or millwork opening. Brush gasket retrofits to existing installations. NOTE: Requires 500 mm rough opening width.