RSH Series

Custom Rackmount Shelves

  • The professional’s choice for mounting and trimming non-rackmount components
  • Individual faceplates provide a perfect fit with the least possible gap between component and rack front
  • Database with over 10,000 components saves time, measuring your own components
  • Available in a black textured or a black/silver brushed and anodised finish
  • Optional clamping kit for mobile applications or seismic issues

RSH Custom Rackmounts

Art. # finish surface
RSH4A black brushed and anodized brushed bk
RSH4C silver brushed and anodized brushed sv
RSH4S black textured powder coat black txt
-C RSH Clamp Options When dealing with mobile applications or seismic issues, use the RSH clamp option to secure components to the shelf. Clamping bars are rubber-lined to maintain a tight grip while keeping components scratch-free.
AFACE face plate, black brushed finish  
CFACE face plate, silver brushed finish  
SFACE face plate, black textured powder coat finish  
Rack Shelves black

Custom Rackmount
black brushed and anodized

Rack Shelves silver

Custom Rackmount
silver brushed and anodized

Clamping Rackshelves

Clamp Option