Cable Management

Every installer wants to save time and make the installation of electronics systems as easy as possible. Having a system that is simple and quick to service and upgrade will additionally benefit both the installer and the customer. When care is given to planning the management of cable entering the rack or enclosure system and maintaining it neatly throughout that system, the goal of providing the end-user with a neat, organized, effective and reliable system is easily attained.

Vertical Lacer Strips

Highly perforated steel lacer strips mount vertically to rackrail brackets and provide ample holes for cable ties. Lacer strips can easily be cut down to smaller sizes. Slim 25 mm versions available, with and without pre-installed tie saddles for enhanced cable management. 90 mm wide versions available in 37 and 44 space heights. All vertical lacer strips sold in packs of 6.

Vertical Lacer Strips
Art. # Quantity
LACE-44LP 90 mm width, 44U w/ generous bridge lances for hook & loop cable fasteners & cable ties 6
LACE-P 50 mm width, 44U 6
LACE-44-1P 25 mm width, 44U tapped for tie saddles 6
LACE-44-1SP 25 mm width, 44U with pre-installed tie saddles 6
TS-9 cable tie saddles and hardware 9

Horizontal Lacer Bars

The economical and effective way to manage cable horizontally. Made from 6 mm diameter rod with flattened ends (model LBP-1R, LBP-1.5 and LBP-1R4) or 50 mm thick aluminum (model LBP-1S) and finished in a black powder coat, each bar provides convenient cable tie points. Model LBP-1R4 features a 100 mm offset and model LBP-1.5 features a 40 mm offset for easy viewing of cable identification. Model LBP-1A, LBP-2A, LBP-4A and LBP-6A feature a formed “L” shape, generous cable tie slots, a special coating to protect cable, and are offered in straight and 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm offset models, respectively. Please note: All lacer bars are sold in packs of 10.

LBP-1R and LBP-1.5

Use the LBP-1R round lacer bar for lacing small horizontal cable runs.

LBP-1A, LBP-2A, LBP-4A und LBP-6A

Use “L” shaped lacer bars when lacing cables vertically or horizontally; recommended for larger runs of cable. The LBP-2A, LBP-4A and LBP-6A have a 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm offset, respectively. Choose the appropriate lacer bar based upon the distance from the rear of equipment to the rackrail.


Use the LBP-LTF when lacing large amounts of cable. 2U high, the LBP-LTF features a large flange, numerous cable tie points and more surface to mount wires.

Horizontal Lacer Bars
Art. # Quantity
LBP-1R round rod 10
LBP-1.5 round rod, 15 mm Offset 10
LBP-1A L-Profile 10
LBP-2A L-Profile, 50 mm Offset 10
LBP-4A L-Profile, 100 mm Offset 10
LBP-6A L-Profile, 150 mm Offset 10
LBP-LTF 2 U lacer panel 10


"TW12" Cable Management Straps

Fasten cable bundles securely while maintaining the integrity of the cable. TW12 reusable cable management straps are made from Velcro® and perfect for managing cables that are sensitive to strain and are 200 mm long.


"BR1 / BR2" Brush Grommet Panel

The brush grommet panel provides a clean, organized cable entry method when used in conjunction with any work surface. Features a built-in cable management tray. Available in one and 2U versions. 2U brush grommet fits in opening on all MW Series top options.

BR1 / BR2

"GR-30" Protective Grommet

Place this flexible grommeting material around openings and knockouts for additional cable protection. Includes 9 m of black grommet.


"GK4" Grommet Ring

Grommet ring protects cables and fits ERK and SR Series enclosure knockouts in stand-alone or ganged applications and can be used on any 116 mm trade-size electrical knockout, allows for ganging without using expensive electrical fittings.