DWR Series

Wall Mount Sectional Cabinet with Enhanced Cable Management

Specify a DWR wall cabinet when floor space is an issue. This pivoting, sectional wall cabinet is ideal for larger systems in both secured and non-secured areas.
Structural Features:

  • Tool-Free Quick-Mount™ system for easy, one-person mounting of the center section to the backpan
    on the jobsite
  • Zero Clearance Latch option allows side-by-side or corner mounting
  • Welded construction provides up to 140 kg weight capacity, depending on model
  • Reversible padlockable center section is keyed differently from optional front door for security
  • Finished in a durable black textured powder coat

 Wall Mount Sectional Cabinet

430 mm deep
(380 mm usable)
Art. #
560 mm deep
(510 mm usable)
Art. #
660 mm deep
(610 mm usable)
Art. #
820mm deep 
(760 mm usable)
Art. #
DWR-10-17 DWR-10-22  – 445 mm 
(10 HE)
90 kg 620 mm
DWR-12-17 DWR-12-22 DWR-12-26 DWR-12-32 530 mm
(12 HE)
90 kg 710 mm
DWR-16-17 DWR-16-22 710 mm
(16 HE)
90 kg 890 mm
DWR-18-17 DWR-18-22 DWR-18-26 DWR-18-32 800 mm
(18 HE)
113 kg 980 mm
DWR-21-17 DWR-21-22 930 mm
(21 HE)
113 kg 1100 mm
DWR-24-17 DWR-24-22 DWR-24-26 DWR-24-32 1070 mm
(24 HE)
140 kg 1245 mm
DWR-35-17 DWR-35-22 DWR-35-26 1560 mm
(35 HE)
140 kg 1730 mm



Front doors
Fronttür PG Fronttür    
Front door
Front door
Front door vented
with standard Perf
front door vented
with Perf
fits on
Art. #
FD-10 PFD-10 VFD-10 LVFD-10 DWR-10-17/ -22
FD-12 PFD-12 VFD-12 LVFD-12 DWR-12-17/ -22/ -26/ -32
FD-16 PFD-16 VFD-16 LVFD-16 DWR-16-17/ -22
FD-18 PFD-18 VFD-18 LVFD-18 DWR-18-17/ -22/ -26/ -32
FD-21 PFD-21 VFD-21 LVFD-21 DWR-21-17/ -22
FD-24 PFD-24 VFD-24 LVFD-24 DWR-24-17/ -22/ -26/ -32
FD-35 PFD-35 VFD-35 LVFD-35 DWR-35-17/ -22/ -26


Art. #
fits on
Art. #
DWR-RR10 DWR-10-17/ -22
DWR-RR12 DWR-12-17/ -22/ -26
DWR-RR16 DWR-16-17/ -22
DWR-RR18 DWR-18-17/ -22/ -26
DWR-RR21 DWR-21-17/ -22
DWR-RR24 DWR-24-17/ -22/ -26
DWR-RR35 DWR-35-22/ -26


DWR Seies

Easy Access Option
Minimum Clearance Latch

Front mounted latch saves valuable wall space by
allowing wall racks to be placed side-by-side,
in a corner, or wherever side clearence is an issue.
To open, simply pull the convenient front-mounted
handle. Unlike time-consuming threaded rods,
this unique latch provides keylocked security from
the front (keyed differently from optional front door).
Easy to install; required for seismic installations.,
Available only from
Middle Atlantic Products!

Art. #: DWRSR-ZL