AXS Series


Service-friendly rack for millwork, in-wall or cabinet installations

  • Unique feature: slide out
  • Optional service tracks in different lengths with built-in water level to reduce installation and service time
  • Telescoping service stand elevates the service tracks (90 – 1015 mm)
  • Easy installation: Removable rack frame – components and tracks can be installed separately
  • High installation and service comfort: easy access to the equipment connections
  • Articulating cable carriers attach to rack frame for effective cable management
  • Available in 3 depths (410, 510 and 660 mm)
  • Optimum height can be selected in 2 RU steps from 15 – 43 RU
  • Up to 300 kg weight capacity (depending on the model)

Slide Out Racks - weight capacity 300 kg

Art. #   Ext. lengh Frame-
AXS-xx-26 replace „xx“ by your desired height (15 – 43 RU) 1.220 mm 660 mm
AXS add your desired height (15 – 43 RU) 1.220 mm 510 mm
AX-SX add your desired height (10 – 43 RU) 635 mm 510 mm
SAX add your desired height (15 – 43 RU) 1.220 mm 410 mm
SSAX add your desired height (10 – 43 RU) 635 mm 410 mm
Optional service tracks and stand required for installation and servicing

Note: To order the rack including guiding rails please add '-GG' to the Art-nr.




Art. #
(2 Pieces)
for track lengh rack frame extension depth
TRACK50 AXS, SAX, AXS-xx-26 1.270 mm 1.220 mm
TRACK25* AX-SX, SSAX 635 mm 635 mm

*TRACK25 can only be used with short extension systems AX-SX and SSAX!


Service Stand

Supporting the service trails

Art. # height range off the floor
TS310 90 up to 255 mm
TS1022 255 up to 560 mm
TS1640 410 up to 1.015 mm

AXS-WT Cable Management Tray 

  • Provides additional capacity for large cable bundles
  • Mounts between cable carriers of any AXS Series slide out rack (non-rotating only)
  • Fits all existing AXS systems (except AX-SXR)