Mediasite Rich Media Recorder

Mediaside's Recorder is the centerpiece for Recording and preparation of presentations.
There are two versions of the Recorder available:

  • Rich Media Recorder for permanent installation, 19“ montagefähig
  • portable Rich Media Rekorder to use on the go , including 17“ LCD-Display

Both recorders have analog and digital video and audio inputs for recording the used sources, as well as a presentation of an integrated software that brings together the presentation of various pictures and sounds and puts them out as one streaming file.



  • „Plug and Present“: easy to implement and operate with
  • no preparation necessary
  • Controlling with an external System via RS-232 possible
  • Automated Error-free Recording using the scheduler
  • Synchronize every content automatically (Picture, sound, presentations)
  • Immediately after recording the file isready to use and ready to upload
  • A recorded presentation is provided with a menu to navigate within the presentation
  • supports computer videos with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
  • flexible and customizable user Interface
  • it is possible to edit presentations afterwards