Mediasite – Rich Media Distribution

Mediasite is a hardware and software platform to record lectures (presentation with video, audio, PowerPoint, text, graphics, etc.) and websites (live or on-demand) or classic media (CD-ROM, DVD) to make available to a wide audience. This allows you to make your lectures and seminars accessible to your desired target audience in no time without much effort.

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How does  MEDIASITE work?


  • Automatically capture and synchronize video and slides
  • Record any device–
    laptop, tablet, whiteboard, document camera, visualizer
  • No slide uploads or post-production
  • Pre-schedule to automatically start/stop recording
  • Integrate with existing AV and room control systems
  • Room-based and portable appliances


  • Stream live and on-demand to PC, Mac® and Linux®
  • Create portable content – podcasts (MP3), vidcasts (MP4), DVD/CD, USB
  • Auto-publish to Mediasite catalog, CMS/LMS, portal
  • Embed presentations in any website or blog
  • No transcoding or post-production delays


  • High resolution video and slides
  • User-controlled navigation and layout
  • Custom branding
  • Keyword search
  • Interactive polls and Q&A
  • Closed captioning support


  • Brand and customize players
  • Organize content in searchable catalogs
  • Analyze all viewing data and trends
  • Secure viewing and system access
  • Create recording schedules
  • Scale enterprise-wide
  • On-premise or hosted offerings

Rich Media Webcasting – more than one presentation


Popular applications

  • line lectures
  • distance learning
  • continuing education recruitment
  • orientation
  • guest lectures
  • alumni relations
  • events
  • grand rounds
  • continuing medical education
  • professional development
  • public health announcements
  • caregiver training
  • all-hands meetings
  • executive communications
  • training and workforce development
  • product launches
  • conferences
  • special events
  • webinars
  • community outreach
  • emergency response coordination
  • just-in-time training
  • remote learning
  • legislative briefings
  • military training

Mediasite goes mobile – Live-Streaming to iPads, iPhones and iPods

Mediasite is going mobile - leading the way with live streaming to iPads, iPhones, iPods and more. From course lectures and online training to executive communications and special events, Mediasite 6 empowers learners everywhere with live and on-demand rich media streamed to their favorite devices. But mobile support is just the beginning. Known for its rock-solid lecture capture and enterprise webcasting, Mediasite by Sonic Foundry continues to push the boundaries for recording, streaming, archiving, managing and tracking rich media knowledge and special events.

  • Live or on-demand streaming of any Mediasite presentation to iPad, iPhone, iPod or Blackberry device using HTML5 and H.264
  • The first and broadest range of live mobile streaming from a professional-grade webcasting appliance and rich media management platform
  • System-wide search for words and phrases in a single presentation, a presentation catalog and across your entire Mediasite library based on indexed slide text, captioning transcripts and presentation metadata
  • Search engine optimization for public Mediasite content by exposing more information about your presentations, including metadata, slide text and closed captions, to the search engine
  • Enhanced Mediasite analytics with embeddable analytics widgets and iOS-friendly reports
  • Ingestion support for any H.264 video to be managed, secured and tracked alongside Mediasite content
  • Touch-friendly Mediasite Mobile Catalog for tablets and mobile devices [ ]