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Medialon Manager a network-capable and hardware-independent Media- and Showcontrol Software which is widely used in simple as well as critical control applications. Thanks to its easy graphical programming environment, applications are programmed in much less time than with any other conventional control system, neither coding nor compilation is required. Furthermore it is possible to link external AV Media Technology as well as standard.  

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Product Overview

The Software


Core-Core-M6 is the most advanced Audiovisual Control System programming environment for control applications ranging from simple to complex facility-wide audiovisual and media control.

 Manager V6    Showmaster Editor


faster programming Time

  • Real time programming:
    No compile, download, try and start over process
  • Drag and drop programming
  • SDK

show programming with timeline

  • Synchronize video, lighting, FX, audio, and more!
  • Accuracy of 1/100th of a second
  • DMX or MIDI recording
  • Live control: disable/enable commands while the show is running

easy touch screen design with webpanel

  • Get your panels on iPad or Android tablet
  • Program and test your touch panel in real time

full it compliance

  • Communicate with devices over TCP/IP
  • Send/receive e-mails, transfer files, link to databases, etc.
  • Control third party applications on PCs

The Hardware


An all-in-one embedded Show Controller series fitted with all necessary show protocol interfaces to control and synchronize lighting desks, video projectors, video servers, sound processors, FX, and more.

  Showmaster LE Showmaster Pro
Timeline 1 Unlimited
WebPanel 3 10
Serial 2 8
MIDI 1 1
IO 4 16
TimeCode in/out 1 in & 1 out
DMX 1 out 2 in or out

Show Control Products - Software


Manager V6 Show Control Software

The Industry Standard Show & Media Control Software

The introduction of our first Audiovisual Control Software in 1999 was driven by our vision of giving the power to the user with an easy but powerful and open programming environment, using non proprietary hardware. Medialon Manager 6 is a Windows® based control software. Its legendary ease of programming and reliability has made it widely used in simple as well as critical control applications such as: Museum media control, Theme Parks and Attractions Show Control, Architectural video & Lighting control, Convention Centers audio & video remote control, etc.

Medialon Manager can control any audiovisual equipment using any protocol and network. Being software based it integrates perfectly with IT opening a wide range of new applications. Control of audio & video streaming, links to database, media management, and facility wide control are not dreams any more. Thanks to its easy graphical programming environment, application are programmed in much less time than with any other conventional control system, neither coding nor compilation is required.

Its native synchronization capabilities and its legendary Timeline with drag and drop programming makes it the ideal choice for Show Control Applications. However, complex logical task programming is also available. Medialon Manager is hardware independent and relies on standard hardware from IT or audiovisual industries to connect to devices. The customer has the choice between proprietary or standard hardware making maintenance and upgrade far easier. Medialon Manager can run in hidden mode where only custom designed interfaces are visible or in user mode allowing live edition. It comes with free Panel software for custom touch screen design. A driver for virtually anything Medialon Manager V6 uses Plug-in drivers called MxM (Manager X Object Modules) to control devices. It exists a wide range of MxMs for most popular devices on the market connected through Serial, Midi, Time Code, Infrared, Modbus, OPC, TCP/IP, etc.

This Link wll guide you directly to Medialon MxMs Plug-in list Medialon MxMs Plug-ins

Medialon Manager comes in three different Editions::

Pro Edition

Includes all features of Medialon Manager Show Control. Perfect for demanding applications such as theme parks, Museums or complex live events.

Lite Edition

Designed for small to medium size permanent installation. Limited in capacity, it yet offers all Medialon control and programming power at an affordable price..


Supplied for free with each Medialon Editions. Designed for touch panel creation. It cannot control devices but offers a fast and easy way to create application for touch screen such as the wireless Rugboard to remotely control a main Manager software.

Functionalities PRO LITE Panel
Time Based Tasks
(Synchronized Shows)
Unlimited Only One -
Step Based Tasks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Screen Editor Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Database Access Unlimited - -
Can be seen
by other Medialon Manager
Unlimited Only One Only One
Can see other Medialon Manager Unlimited Only One Only One
Max. number of controlled Devices Unlimited Unlimited -
Local Media Player tick1 tick 2 -
Web Panels 10 2 -

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Medialon Scheduler is a Windows based application to schedule any type of events programmed in Medialon Manager Show & Media Control software. Medialon Scheduler is designed to schedule and supervise several exhibitions, shows or automation applications using Medialon Manager from one central location. It is ideal to operate all the exhibits of museums or science centers, all the venues and shows in cruise ships or theme parks or digital signage playback in large malls or corporate buildings.
Medialon Scheduler is a client server application allowing any number of operators to schedule any number of events in any number of Medialon Manager Applications over a network. The central server runs as a Windows service while clients (user interface) and controlled applications (Medialon Manager PCs) are connected over TCP/IP.#

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Showmaster Pro2

Showmaster Pro2

Showmaster Pro is a all in one embedded Show Controller fitted with all necessary show protocol interfaces. It controls and synchronizes dimmers, lighting desks, videoprojectors, video servers, sound processors etc. Showmaster Pro also provides digital I/O and balanced Time Code input/output with video ref. Its free editing software, Showmaster Editor, embeds most of the features of our award wining technology such as devices synchronization & logical programming as well as real time testing.. It supports multiple timeline, 3rd party interfaces, up to 10 Web Panels and signal recording.

Showmaster PRO is designed for medium to large Show Control application in Museums, Showrooms, Stores and Restaurant or attractions, or when large amount of controlled devices requires additional interfaces. It can also be used as sub system in larger shows or attractions.

For more information about the Showmaster Pro2 , please visit our product data base.

Show Control Machine PRO

Show Control Machine PRO

Rugged Control PC for Manager.

Show Control Machine PRO is a rugged industrial rack mountable PC customized for Medialon Manager Software, specifically designed for Show and Media Control applications.
Granted with 4 PCI slots, it accepts the same accessories as the Show Control Machine II and III, including RS232, RS422 PCI boards, Time Code boards, DMX512, and 32 I/O boards. Show Control Machine PRO has been designed with critical applications in mind and every detail has been set to ensure maximum reliability when hardware failure is not an acceptable option.

Show Control Machine PRO includes an alarm via buzzer for the fans and the redundant power supply, and a software watchdog that sends emails to the designated maintenance technician in case of application or machine reboot. A double SVGA output board allows an extra display which can be used either as a distant back-stage information panel or simply as an extension screen to increase visual comfort during programming..

For more information about the Show Control Machine and for accessories, please visit our product data base.

MAS Pro Audio Server

MAS Pro Audio Server

A professional audio server for both: multi-track application – as well as multi zoning.

Each of its CobraNet channels can be synchronized together or by groups, and can be started independently or by groups. Its high quality DANTE or CobraNet interface provides state-of-the-art audio quality.

MAS Pro includes a remote application to upload media and start media individually.

  • 32,64 or 128 DANTE ;16 or 32 CobraNet Channels
  • Sample accurate synchronization of audio channels per independent groups
  • Synchronization to external time code via Medialon Controller
  • Multi synchronized tracks
  • Multi Zoning
  • 2x Com ports
  • 128GB SSD Drive
  • No moving parts

For more information about the MAS Audio Server, please visit our product data base.