Integra HiFi and Home Cinema

Great Sound, Modern Features, No Compromises

Integrating a home cinema into a Smart Home project often means to compromise – either on sound quality, on the available feature set or on the integration into the control system. Not so with Integra Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products because they’ve been designed specifically for that use.

All Integra products are ready to be rack-mounted and can be controlled via RS232 or Ethernet connections, corresponding drivers for RTi and other control systems are available. Modern inputs and outputs like HDMI and HDBaseT are of course also on board. The initial setup as well as standard maintenance access can be done over the network, making it easy to setup and manage even complex systems that use various audio and video zones.

Integra products are based on the latest generation of Onkyo models, making the best of the famous brand’s audiophile heritage. Stable power supplies, well-engineered circuit designs and the latest in digital audio technologies ensure the best sound quality possible, state-of-the-art video boards including ISF-certified video processing deliver perfect image quality with any source material. Integra home components can handle all modern surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos, many also include modern streaming features like Spotify, TuneIn or AirPlay. Selected models even come with THX certification.
Integra products are only available through authorized system integrators.