HDL Smart Home Control

Control and manage all the tech in your smart building

As a global player and manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, HDL offers a wide selection of switching and dimming actuators, sensors and interfaces for KNX systems. All products are fully KNX certified and meet or exceed European safety standards as well as all standards set by the KNX Association.

This means that HDL products are the perfect choice if you need to realize user-friendly and reliable solutions to control lighting, shading and HVAC systems in the smart home quickly, easily and efficiently.

In addition, the HDL-proprietary Bus Pro system is available for more complex commercial projects with its own range of controllers, actuators and interfaces. Bus Pro also includes a wireless option that allows the use of portable smart devices to act as control points. Dedicated apps, for example for iPhone and iPad, are available for simple integration.

Over the years, Bus Pro has acquired an excellent reputation worldwide as a very reliable and scalable control system. Many high-profile projects have been realized using Bus Pro, like the BMW World in Munich or the Sydney Opera House.