Barco UniSee®, revolutionizing the LCD video wall experience

One system, three building blocks

Sometimes a new innovation creates a revolution that reshapes the entire market. With the Barco UniSee® system, Barco completely redesigned and optimized every component of the LCD video wall, resulting in a new way to look at large screen visualization.

Barco UniSee® consists of: UniSee View, UniSee Mount, and UniSee Connect. Together, these three building blocks define the future of LCD video walls.

UniSee View
Offers an uninterrupted NoGap viewing experience, creating the greatest images ever seen on LCD video walls

UniSee Mount
Ensures the precise self-alignment of the LCD tiles while protecting the panel’s edges and keeping them perfectly aligned over time

UniSee Connect
Introduces self-configuration and calibration of the entire video wall via
an open software platform, for fastest diagnostics and servicing

10 reasons to choose Barco UniSee®

  1. Uninterrupted viewing experience with NoGap technology 
  2. Perfectly balanced total image, thanks to Sense X continuous and real-time calibration
  3. 100,000 hours backlight
  4. No dark edges, superior intra-tile uniformity
  5. Quick and safe installation with automatic alignment, without riskvof damage
  6. Easiest possible access to each tile innovative services to simplify your day-to-day
  7. Modular, future-proof system, grows with your needs
  8. Fanless - optimizing reliability and eliminating noise
  9. More reliability with remote or integrated redundant power supply
  10. Fastest diagnostics, swift servicing, and easy connection with AV controllers, via open software based management platform


Barco UniSee® services: The level of support you need

Peace of mind doesn’t just mean selecting the best video wall - it’s also about knowing that any issue will be resolved quickly - and without additional cost - during the lifetime of your video wall. That’s why it is important that you select the Barco Care service contract that is right for you. You can choose between different levels that best match your needs.

Coverage scope:

  • 5 years of full hardware and software coverage 
  • Get parts on-site faster through advance express shipment: You
    call, we ship
  • Easy and actionable insights into your installed base through our
    online installed base dashboard

Helpdesk access

  • QualityCare: Business hours
  • SmartCare: 24/7, We take care of hardware replacements for you

Customer service excellence
Your Barco UniSee® system will be a fully registered product creating transparency and more value for all parties involved. This allows our services teams to operate more efficiently and to improve their effectiveness in terms of response times and issue resolution. Moreover, registration coincides with the start of the warranty on your system.