Carnival Marine und AIDA Cruises: zwei neue, begeisterte ClickShare-Kunden


Carnival Marine und AIDA Cruises: zwei neue, begeisterte ClickShare-Kunden

Die einfache Handhabung hat unseren Kunden vom ClickShare System überzeugt. Besonders die Möglichkeit, Inhalte von mobilen Geräten wie Tablets und Smartphones zu präsentieren - eine Funktion, die sie in anderen Präsentationstools nicht finden konnten.

Why do an ever-increasing number of companies fall for our ClickShare collaboration system? Because it’s wireless. Because it’s easy to use. And because it’s flexible, i.e. compatible with all kinds of fixed and mobile devices. In Germany, we were delighted to welcome Carnival Marine and AIDA Cruises to the ranks of ClickShare’s new fans.

Trial immediately won them over
The Carnival Marine unit is the marine service unit of the Costa Group, which is Europe’s leading cruise company and part of the worldwide Carnival Corp travel leisure company. At the unit, which is located in Hamburg, 180 experts are responsible for ship building, maintenance and refurbishment and provide training, planning, and many other services. “The center was opened at the end of 2015,” explains André Dohse, Managing Director of systems integrator Diskowski Marine Electronics AG. “We were confident that ClickShare would be a perfect fit for their new conference rooms. And indeed: a trial immediately won them over.”

Presenting content from mobile devices
200 kms to the north of the Carnival Marine unit, in Rostock, lies the impressive new headquarters of AIDA Cruises, one of the ten brands owned by Carnival Corp. Here, too, Diskowski presented ClickShare, and received similarly enthusiastic feedback. André Dohse: “The ease-of-use convinced our customer to go ClickShare. They love the possibility of presenting content from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones – a feature they couldn’t find in other presentation tools.” Today, the AIDA Cruises conference rooms in Rostock feature five of ClickShare’s premium CSC-1 systems. In Hamburg, there are nine CSC-1 units. “They’re so delighted with the system that we hope to see more ClickShare at their premises in the future.”

Foto: AIDA Cruises

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