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 Stardraw Design

This software was designed by A/V professionals for A/V professionals. With the design software, you can create block diagrams of your A/V system. For this purpose, you can take advantage of a library with symbols originating from more than 500 manufacturers on the professional A/V market. More than 45.000 symbols are available and will be updated constantly. If a symbol is missing you can request it and it will usually be available within 24 hours. On top of all this, you can compile your own symbols with the help of a Wizard.

The block diagram is the starting point for all further planning steps:

  • cable lists
  • device lists
  • work schedule lists
  • rack layout
  • patchfield layout
  • user visualizations

All elements of the block diagram carry specific information (attributes):

Typical device attributes:

  • manufacturer
  • type
  • net price
  • list price
  • weight
  • power consumption
  • standard

Typical cable attributes:

  • name
  • description of the cable ends
  • type
  • length
  • connector
  • price

At the push of a button, Stardraw A/V will compile lists from this information using Microsoft® Excel®. About 25 different pre-configured templates are included in the scope of delivery. These can be upgraded, completed and customized according to your needs.

Stardraw A/V also allows you to create your own attributes. This way, you can adapt Stardraw A/V quickly and easily to your way of working!

If you wish to see Stardraw A/V in action please take a look at our online presentation!


Block schematics

The primary function of Stardraw A/V is to realize a professional planning by using block diagrams. You have access to a huge library of about 45.000 symbols which is growing every day! Even if a symbol is not available, you can create your own symbols with the help of an ‘assistant’ within seconds.

In the program, you can pull the required devices onto your virtual drawing board with only a few mouse clicks and connect these also with little effort. Of course you can also place the single cables on different levels. Once you have finished your block diagram, you can save a lot of time and money because you can create a rack layout or a user visualization directly with one mouse click.

Rack layout

Stardraw not only provides block symbols but also a front and rear view for every device.

If you choose the function Rack Layout, Stardraw A/V will create a new drawing on your block schematic, in which all 19“ compatible devices will be arranged automatically. You pick an adequate rack from the library, draw the device symbols over the rack and the drawing for your rack will be ready within minutes! Stardraw A/V even allows you to check in a side view whether your selected rack is deep enough for the used devices, incl. the required cabling.

Patchfield Design

Professional patchfields differentiate professional planning from „amateur“ offers. With Stardraw A/V you will be able to design professional patchfield layouts in a few minutes. By pushing a button, a screen will turn to a milling plan for the metalworker. Profit from this tool!

User visualizations

Instead of creating a new view of your block schematic for the user by using a „drawing program“ you only need a few minutes with Stardraw A/V. Stardraw A/V analyzes your block schematic and generates a new drawing with graphics of the devices you have used! All you have to do now is to arrange the symbols and draw symbolic links manually. In a few minutes you will have designed a professional schematic that visualizes the functionality of the system also to „non-technicians“.


Stardraw A/V 2007

Stardraw A/V Lite 2007

 Basic 2D CAD user interface

 Design of block schematics and pictograms

 Design of 19“ racks

 Design of front panels


 Open / save and edit DWG / DXF

 Access to Stardraw symbols


any 20 libraries*

 Compiling of product lists

 Advanced report functions


 Symbol attributes


manufacturer, model no., description

 Tools for editing symbol attributes


 Link to external data sources


  For further explanations, please let the mouse hover over the description in question.
A library is a complete symbol collection of a manufacturer. Further libraries can be acquired at any time.

More versions

  • This software provides the same functionality as Stardraw A/V, but it is limited to audio symbols only. The library includes about 32.000 symbols. More information ...

  • This Software is the fastest and easiest way to create lighting plans in 2D. It includes a large library of over 11.000 symbols and it is completely compatible with AutoCAD. More information ...


 Why Stardraw Design?
  • enormous time savings
  • easy handling, intuitive use
  • no double work: pictorial schematic will be created out of the block schematic by pushing a button
  • large data base with 46.000 device symbols and an ‘assistant’ for creating own symbols
  • free viewer for providing e.g. the end user with block and pictorial schematics
  • AutoCAD files can be opened and revised 

As usual you can order by phone or by e-mail:

Catrin Hohenschwert - +49 (7161) 3000 461 -

Alternatively you can order directly at by credit card.

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